Site Guidance: Remote Monitoring During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated 06 MAY 21

Guidance for sites that participate in remote monitoring activities during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  


Guidance for Remote Re-consent During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated 02 SEPT 21

Guidance for investigative sites that do not have a policy in place for remote re-consent of subjects. Unless extended, this guidance is only valid until 31 DEC 21.


Use of FDA-Issued EUA COVID-19 Vaccine for Participating AFT Sites in the US

Updated 25 Jan 21

Notification and guidance regarding use of COVID-19 vaccine for AFT trials.


FAQ for COVID-19 Pandemic Related Documentation and Testing

Updated 23 SEP 20

Information to ensure all AFT sites continue to provide vital health information to AFT for safety monitoring and reporting of enrolled participants.


AFT's COVID-19 Mitigation and Response Plan

Updated 22 APR 20

Notifcation updated to include remote re-consenting of study participants.



New COVID-19 Form for AFT Trials

Updated 04 JUN 20

Explanation of the new form in RAVE for each AFT study, including guidelines and related information.


Temporary RAVE data entry instructions for Biospecimens on AFT Trials

Instructions due to limited operations of the AFT Biospecimen Repository and other biospecimen repositories.



AFT Biorepository Website

Please review this website directly to view up to date information as the biorepository institutes changes in services and new communications.


AFT Biorepository Shipment Update due to COVID-19 Biobank Restrictions

Updated 04 AUG 20

Update on services and shipments from our biorepository. For the most up to date information, please go to the AFT Biorepository website, above.


AFT Biorepository and Laboratory Closures and Limited Operations Plan

Updated 19 MAR 20

Update on services and shipments from our biorepository and includes contact information for the AFT BioMS.